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Heating & Ventilation Systems

We have designed (in-house), manufactured and installed various Heating & Ventilation Systems for the Nuclear Industry including Dounreay, Hunterston and Trawsfynydd. We continue to carry out any maintenance requirements on our Installations if and when required as part of our valuable after service commitment.

Components produced for the construction of these Installations consist of the following:

  • Carbon & Stainless Steel Pipe Spools
  • Stainless Steel Ducting
  • Structural Supports
  • Pipe Bridges

All of the above are manufactured/fabricated to the highest standard by our highly skilled and experienced workforce in our well-equipped Workshop in Lybster.  Our Workshop has a designated area where all Stainless Steel work is carried out to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination between materials.

We manufacture all High Integrity Ducting Systems as per the Quality statement below:

  • Design, Manufacture & Installation of High Integrity Stainless & Carbon Steel Ductwork Systems in accordance with Nationally recognised Nuclear Standards

We are fully conversant with the requirements of Nuclear Ventilation Systems with over 30 years’ experience in this field.


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