Gow's Lybster

Engineering, Design, Fabrication & Installation. Caithness, Scotland.

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Main Office

Hillhead, Lybster,


Our four fully equipped workshops hold a brake press, guillotines, rolls, pillar drills, radial arms, punches, lathes, milling machines and welding equipment. These workshops are fully segregated to ensure no cross contamination occurs whilst working on stainless and mild steel projects.

Design Capability

One of our principle roles is designing products to meet the requirements of our customers from specifications, site visits or drawings.
We can both design complex parts or create detailed drawings from layouts and sketches to produce jobs of the highest detail and exacting tolerances.

All of the above is undertaken using the latest 3D/2D design software equipment.

Machine & Workshop

We offer precise fabrication and production services from handheld links to large-scale pipework, ventilation, nuclear waste containers, bridges and everything needed in-between.

Our current workshop floor space is 1000m² with a yard area of 2100m² and a further 6000m² ground adjacent for further expansion if required.


Our Clients