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DFR Fuel Element De-cladding Machine

Customer Organisation, name and address

Dounreay Site Restoration Ltd, Dounreay, Thurso, Caithness, KW14 7TZ.

Contract Start Date


Contract Completion Date


Description of contract, including full scope details

Within the DFR reactor there is a large number of breeder elements which need to be removed and as part of the overall DFR decommissioning strategy.  These elements, once recovered will be processed through a purpose built remote handling shielded facility in the reactor complex.  An integral part of the process within the sheilded facility is the availability of a robust machine capable of removing the stainless steel cladding in a simple, but fast, system.  DSRL had designed a decladding machine to satisfy this requirement and Gow’s Lybster Ltd was awarded the contract to build, test and commission the machine at it works in Lybster.

The detailed scope of works is given below:

  • Provision of a dedicated, secure, ventilated and clean working facility.
  • All machine parts to be fabricated in stainless steel
  • Provision of all documentation in support of the project including, Management, Procurement and Fabrication Procedures, Training Records, Weld Procedures, Welder Qualifications, NDT Procedure for DPI, Inspector Qualifications, Quality Control Plan, Progress Reports and Life Time Quality Records.
  • Draughting service, as specified by the project manager for the design of bespoke components to support the on going fabrication works as part of the development and commissioning elements of the machine design and operation.
  • Machining of all component parts which included, milling, drilling , bending and lathe turning work
  • Fabrication, welding and assembly of machine parts
  • Inspection and Non-Destructive Inspection of parts and welded components (DPI)
  • On going cleaning, identification to maintain traceability and storage of of all stainless steel components.
  • Design, develop and Trial fit of machine parts prior to final assembly
  • Assembly of de-cladding machine
  • Installation of electrical and hydraulic systems.
  • Completion of commisioning trials and maintenance of commissioning schedule records.
  • Contract extension awared to support the continued development work on the de-cladding machine which included the manufacture, inspection and installation of re-designed components
  • Continuous records management in support of the Life Time Quality Records information for the client.
  • Continuous management and updating of the Quality Control Plan
  • Pre-delivery inspection of the De-cladding Machine by the client.
  • Submission of a delivery plan to DSRL.
  • Delivery of the De-cladding machine to the Dounreay site.
  • Completion of the Quality Control Plan.
  • Completion of the Life Time Quality Records Information and handover to the client.
  • Receipt of a completion certificate from the client.
  • Contract review with the client

Location of the Contract/Project

The de-cladding macjine was manufactured, commissioned and modified at the Gow’s Lybster Ltd Facility, Lybster, Caithness, Scotland KW3 6AS

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