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Our ScotGrad Placement

Published on July 26th, 2017 | Category: General News

Meet Sean Campbell, he’s a ScotGrad placement working with us in Lybster.

ScotGrad provides university students with 12 weeks paid work experience in a relevant environment on a pre-agreed project

Sean’s been busy reviewing our Supply Chain processes and has created a new system to help ordering, material control and invoicing.

As part of the programme, Sean attends a residential training course in Cromarty Arts Trust covering Business Model Canvas, Strategy, SWOT, Project Management, Pitching, Idea Generating and Report Writing. This is all designed to help with the development of the report that has to be written for the end of the placement and the presentation ceremony.

We have Sean for another four weeks before he heads back to Herriot Watt to continue his studies in Actuarial Science.

It has been a great help having a ScotGrad placement and we wish Sean the best of luck for his future studies.


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